We stock a wide range of sterling silver and crystal giftware from photo frames to quaichs, to silver capped decanters and vases. Pewter flasks and tankards are also available.

Whether you're a clock watcher or don't worry about time at all, we have the perfect timepiece for your home.

From a magnificent Grandfather clock with a booming chime to a stylish wall or mantle clock - all beautifully handcrafted to a high level of workmanship.

We specialise in Ormolu mounted clocks.

Carriage Clock with white dial and black roman numerals, gold coloured case


Everyone has heard of Grandfather clocks, but did you know there are also Grandmother and Granddaughter clocks?

Grandmother clocks are often very slim, spring-driven pieces and early versions were produced between the 1920's and 1930's.

Granddaughter clocks are usually quite petite - less than 5' tall. They are often finished in veneered woods and the numerals are usually painted on the dials rather than engraved.

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